What Happens In An Injury Case If The Defendant Can't Or Won't Pay?


Personal injury lawyers focus on trying to win cases for obvious reasons. However, there may be more to deal with after you've won. Particularly, you might face the scenario where a defendant either can't or won't pay the settlement or judgment. What do you do? Here is how personal injury attorneys address this problem. Confirm There's a Problem The first order of business is to make sure the other side isn't dealing with a problem that might be reasonable.

19 January 2021

The Road To Compensation And How A Lawsuit Is Born


Having to go to great lengths to be compensated can be difficult. If another driver was at fault for your auto accident and you have injuries to deal with, you may be trying to decide on what action to take first. You might not have to sue the other driver, but you should be prepared to do so. Read on to find out the factors that can lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

28 December 2020

How to Respond to an Interrogatory During a Personal Injury Case


If you decide to file a lawsuit after an auto accident, you will need to participate in a discovery process. When this occurs, you will need to participate in an interrogatory. This is a series of questions that you will need to respond to under oath. If you must respond to an interrogatory, it's a good idea to discuss the answers you should give with a personal injury attorney. How to Respond to an Interrogatory

10 December 2020

Has Your Loved One Passed Away In A Nursing Home? 4 Situations That Require A Wrongful Death Attorney


If your loved one passed away while in the care of a nursing home, and you feel that the death was a result of neglect, you need to speak to an attorney right away. Nursing home staff have an obligation to provide their residents with safe and caring living conditions. When deaths occur as a result of neglect, loved ones have a right to seek legal remedies for their loss. If you're not sure that your loved one's death falls under the category of neglect, read the information provided below.

11 November 2020

Is Your Pet Covered In An Auto Accident?


When some people think about injuries following an auto accident, they typically think about injuries to the driver or other passengers. However, as you know all too well, pet injuries can also occur when a furry family member is in the vehicle at the time of the crash. If your pet was injured during an accident, learn how you can move forward to ensure your animal is well taken care of.

5 November 2020

Steps To Immediately Take After An Overseas Accident


Regardless of where you are during a car accident, there are certain steps you should take. For example, you should always get medical attention and take photographs of the accident. However, if you are injured as a tourist in a car, there are special steps you should consider taking such as calling a tourist car accident attorney. Understand The Local Laws There might be specific local laws you'll be expected to follow to avoid getting in trouble with the law.

22 October 2020

Putting Hazardous Chemical Containers In Recycle Containers


Local waste removal ordinances may ban the disposal of hazardous materials through the regular trash collection process. Specific chemicals could cause a fire when disposed of improperly. Persons exposed to chemicals may suffer extreme burns or even blindness. Therefore, the local municipality might set aside a specific day of the year for hazardous materials collections. Usually, a homeowner must drop the chemicals off at a designated waste dump. Those not willing to follow appropriate disposal steps for cans and plastic containers containing hazardous materials may place them in a recyclables trash can with the hopes that waste collectors won't notice.

2 October 2020