You Don't Say? How What You Don't Say Matters to Your Accident Case


After a car accident, you might be so stressed out and upset that you can barely remember what you said to anyone. Unfortunately, what you say and what you keep to yourself can be surprisingly important to your accident case. To find out why that is, read on and find out about a few common post-accident situations that can have victims speaking out of turn.

Know What Happened at the Scene

Many accident victims are too shocked or hurt to provide a statement at the scene. Almost everything you do and say at that time, however, is noted by the responding law enforcement officer. Additionally, medical personnel may be later called upon to relay what you said as you were being treated, on your way to the emergency room, and then later at the hospital.

Be sure you pay close attention to the information contained in the accident report. This report can be obtained by the investigating agency (such as the sheriff's department). If you note errors or that you were misquoted, speak to your personal injury lawyer about it immediately.

Don't Speak to the Accident Adjuster For the Other Side

You may be required to speak to your own insurance adjuster and you should comply with that request. However, victims are under no obligation to speak to anyone from the other driver's insurance agency. Unfortunately, these accident adjusters are adept at tricking victims into agreeing to a recorded phone call. They might, for example, promise that a big check is about to be sent after you agree to the interview.

During the phone interview, though, it's very easy to accidentally say something about the way the accident happened or your injuries that you later regret. Even expressing sorrow at the injuries of the other driver might be unwise and can be used to show that you might have contributed to the accident. When it can be shown that you had even a little bit of liability for the accident, your money damages may be compromised.

Limit What You Tell Your Friends on Social Media

It's common to post about your accident and get some much-needed sympathy from friends. Sharing a lot of specific information about the accident could be unwise. Nothing posted on social media can be considered private and can later be used against you when seeking a settlement or in court. For instance, you might gloss over the seriousness of your injuries to spare loved ones from knowing their true nature. That might create issues when you seek payment for your pain and suffering, however.

When it comes to speaking up, do so only with your personal injury lawyer. Speak to a car accident lawyer about your case today.


15 June 2021

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