When Should You Lawyer up in a Workers Compensation Claim?


Not every case of worker compensation requires attorney services. Essentially, the administrative system for employee compensation is designed to be an easy process for workers. If your claim isn't challenged by your employer or the insurer, you can try to handle your claim on your own. However, the process could become more complex, which will require you to hire a workers' compensation lawyer. Here are some instances where it may be best to get a workers' compensation attorney.

Insurance Firm Negotiations

Insurance companies typically have their own lawyers who handle all their compensation claims. If it's your first time claiming compensation, you'll need an expert on your side. You may be unaware of the routine tactics that workers' compensation lawyers use. An experienced attorney knows that when the insurer gives an ultimatum, they only want to intimidate you into signing a contract to get less settlement than you deserve.

A competent lawyer knows what the law stipulates about your entitlements in a workers' compensation claim. They'll keep advocating your best interest until they have received all the possible benefits that you have a right to within the law. Seasoned attorneys can also tell when the other party is putting on an act, which means they won't back down under pressure.

Petition a Denied Claim

Most people who get injured in the workplace experience a lot of uncertainty and pressure when appealing denied compensation claims. The process can be overrun by self-doubt and anxiety because you could end up unsure of what a reasonable compensation settlement should be.

Insurance companies may deny your workers' compensation claims due to several reasons. Some of these cases occur frequently. Knowledgeable attorneys are aware of such denials and can increase your chances of a successful petition. Partnering with a well-versed workers' compensation lawyer helps clients appeal the decision of the insurance company.

Disruption of Your Permanent Disability Rating

Most awards and settlements in workers' compensation cases are for those eligible for permanent disability benefits. Insurance companies calculate these benefits depending on your permanent disability rating. In case the insurer disagrees with the rating given by your physician, the insurer may request an independent medical examination from its preferred doctor. The IME physician might assign you a significantly lower rating. Your insurance firm will use this reduced permanent disability rating to pay you a smaller amount.

Victims of workplace injuries do deserve benefits to cater for the losses incurred from an unfortunate incident. An attorney can help you get your fair share of benefits or convince a judge that you should receive a higher disability rating.


7 July 2021

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