When a Fast Food Experience Is Far from Tasty


Accidents can happen almost anywhere, and drive-thru lanes are no exception. This sort of accident may require some unique moves since they may be on private property. Read on to find out more.

It's the Restaurant's Fault

Most drive-thru areas are safe, but hazards can still exist for drivers. One issue is poor lighting. Some restaurants may have had bright lighting when they first opened but now have bulbs that need replacing. When drivers are unable to see well, they could not only hit the car in front of them but the building itself. Another problem is that some drive-thru areas have less-than-desirable signage directing drivers on how to proceed through the lanes. Restaurants are responsible for ensuring that every element of the building, inside and out, are safe for patrons.

Other Drivers Are Impatient

Waiting in line for food is a way of life but some drivers are impatient and may accidentally hit the car in front. If your car was damaged in this manner, be sure to call the police and have a report done even if the damage is minor. Being hit from behind offers the perfect opportunity for neck and shoulder injuries and that could end up putting you out of work for weeks.

Along those same lines, double drive-thru lanes are common at busy restaurants. That leaves hungry and impatient drivers trying to merge into a single lane when it's time to pay for the food. While taking turns is the polite thing to do, not all drivers are polite nor are all drivers paying attention to their surroundings. That can cause low-speed collisions right there in the drive-thru merge area.

Pedestrian Injuries

Everyone is supposed to use care when walking through a restaurant parking lot. Some have pedestrian crossing areas but not all restaurants set aside an area just for those on foot. While you cannot be compensated for walking out in front of a vehicle, you might have a case if the restaurant failed to provide walkers with a safe place to cross. They may also be liable if the vehicle driver's vision was blocked from seeing the pedestrian because of trees, walls, and more.

Both drivers and the restaurant are responsible for creating a safe environment for their customers. In most cases, plenty of camera footage will be available to help victims prove that the other driver or the restaurant was at fault for the accident. Speak to a personal injury lawyer at a firm such as Jeeves Law Group, P.A. and get paid for your damages after a drive-thru accident. 


11 April 2022

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