What You Want To Know About Brain Injury Cases Due To Auto Accidents


There are many types of injuries that can happen after a car accident. While a broken arm or leg is easy to spot and diagnose, a brain injury can be much harder to handle. Here are some questions about auto accident–related brain injuries that you should know the answer to. Are There Signs Of A Brain Injury To Look Out For? If you have a loved one that was in a major auto accident, you'll want to know the signs to look out for that they have suffered some sort of brain injury.

12 June 2020

Why Should My Case Go To Trial?


The majority of car accident cases do not go to trial, and you probably do not want your personal injury case to go to trial either. While trials are more expensive and time-consuming, there are some situations where your personal injury attorney may recommend that you have your case go to trial.  Lawsuits Are Unpopular Personal injury attorneys often hear from their clients that they do not want to sue anyone.

2 June 2020

Key Reasons Why You Should Hire An Attorney After A Car Accident


Car accidents are random events that can have major effects on a person's life. In a split second, all of your plans could be thrown out the window as you and your passengers are jostled around a vehicle after a collision with another automobile. Not only is the incident itself jarring, but the aftermath can be even more tumultuous. There are so many particulars to deal with and if the collision didn't seem too serious you might be thinking about handling everything on your own.

26 May 2020

Know Your Next Steps After A Car Accident


Car accidents can happen when you least expect it, which is why it helps to know what to do if you were involved in a crash where you were injured. With a potential injury lawsuit pending, the following things will prevent you from making any mistakes. Get Immediate Medical Treatment Now is not the time to see if your pain subsides or gets worse over the next few days. You'll want to be checked out by a doctor as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

15 May 2020

Can A Police Officer Be Liable For Auto Accident Damages?


Police officers are sometimes involved in high-speed pursuits where they may collide with another motorist. In some cases, a police officer may simply make a mistake while patrolling an area and get into an accident like anyone else. When this happens, you may have a damaged car that needs repairs and expensive medical bills. You may be entitled to compensation. Do Not Admit Fault The police only have partial immunity in some circumstances after an accident and you may be able to sue the police officer or the department.

8 May 2020

Factors That Determine A Cyclist's Liability For A Car Accident


Although a cyclist might come out worse than a driver in a bike-car accident might, this doesn't mean the driver is automatically liable for the crash. Cyclists, just like other road users, must use the road with regard to other road users' safety. Below are some of the reasons that might make a cyclist liable for a bike-car crash. Leaving the Bike Lane For road sections with bike lanes, the law requires cyclists to stick to the bike lane.

29 April 2020

How To Find The Right Birth Defect Attorney For Justice And Compensation


Unfortunately, there are parents out there that have children born with birth defects. If the defect was caused by someone's negligence, then you should get assistance from a birth defect attorney right away so that you can sue for compensation. Finding one of these attorneys won't be difficult if you utilize these selection tips.  Look For Adequate Trial Experience If you have a legitimate claim against a party responsible for possibly causing this birth defect, then this case will more than likely end up in court.

6 April 2020