Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer After A Drunk Driving Accident?


After you are injured in a drunk driving accident, you may wonder if you should hire a lawyer. These kinds of cases can be confusing, especially if you have never pursued a personal injury case in the past. When a drunk driver is involved, things can become even more complex.

This guide will help you determine if you should hire a drunk driving accident lawyer.

Do You Have Serious Injuries?

If your injuries are serious, you may have serious bills. Medical bills and the like can become overwhelming after a car accident. Drunk driving accidents can feel especially devastating, and you could face years of recovery and treatment.

Your injuries could very well prevent you from returning to work. If you have injuries that stop you from working, you may need to recover lost wages or lost potential income as well.

Who Caused the Accident?

If the drunk driver was the cause of the accident, he or she should be held responsible for your damages. Even if several parties were at fault, you should consider speaking with an attorney to determine your next steps.

Did the Insurance Company Deny Your Claim?

Even if you got the contact information of the other party's insurance company, you may have found that the company refuses to admit that their client was at fault. They may not want to pay out, and you may have to take them to court, even with evidence of drunk driving to benefit you.

Is the Insurance Company Delaying Your Claim?

While the other party may not have flat-out denied your claim, it may delay your compensation. The company may try to draw things out, perhaps under the impression that you will give up on pursuing compensation. An attorney ensures that you have a court date and can pursue your claim now.

Is Your Settlement Too Low?

It could also be that your settlement is too low to cover your medical bills and other fees. The company might be taking responsibility for the drunk driver, but they may argue that you don't deserve the lost wages compensation. A court case can help you recover a larger sum than the settlement you were offered.

Talk to a Lawyer to Learn More

You can learn more about drunk driving accidents by speaking with a lawyer about your personal injury case. Your accident lawyer will help you make decisions about moving forward with a personal injury case.


19 January 2021

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