How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help Expedite Your Car Accident Claim


Car accident injuries can take a toll on your financial wellbeing because of the expensive medical bills you might incur. Fortunately, pursuing a personal injury claim can help you get compensated for the injury and damages you experience. With that said, you should note that the car accident claim process is often tedious and lengthy. The good news is that hiring a personal injury attorney can help you expedite your claim. Here is how an attorney can help speed up the car accident claim process.

Gathering Evidence

When filing your claim, you will be required to submit enough evidence that proves your claim has merit. If strong evidence is not adduced, your claim may be delayed, undervalued, or declined. Experienced personal injury attorneys have been in the game for years and know how to collect and present evidence. With sufficient evidence, you will be able to reach a fair pre-trial settlement quickly. 

Avoiding Paperwork Mistakes

Most injury claims usually get delayed due to paperwork mistakes. Some of the most common paperwork mistakes include not attaching a full police report, not submitting paperwork within the set deadlines, and ignoring specific submission requirements. These mistakes can force an insurance company or a court to return your papers for corrections. When your paperwork is returned, you will have to start the process all over again.

A personal injury attorney has a proper grasp of the law and filing requirements, which means they won't make mistakes when drafting or submitting your claim. No mistake means no delays, and this will, in turn, help speed up the compensation process. 

Negotiating With the Insurer

Sometimes, personal injury claims may drag due to a communication breakdown between the insurer and the claimant. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they will negotiate on your behalf. They will use their communication skills to make things as clear as possible, ensuring no unnecessary interruptions that may derail the process. The attorney will also develop a winning negotiation strategy that will help them convince the insurance company to heed your demands. 

If negotiations fail, the lawyer will act fast and gather all the documents required to take your case to trial. Once your case is taken to trial, the attorney will use their skill and knowledge to select the best approach to expedite your case and ensure you get compensated.

Don't let unnecessary interruptions and mistakes drag your car accident claim. All you need is to hire a personal accident attorney today to help you speed up the process.

To learn more about your case, contact a local personal injury attorney.


2 February 2021

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