Industries That Register Fatal Work Injuries And The Legal Remedies For Injured Employees


Workers in different industries can suffer severe injuries that may affect service delivery. However, manual job employees are at a higher risk of suffering career-threatening injuries. More so, such harm may present long-term consequences that might even affect your family. Luckily, you can get workers' comp benefits to mitigate the impacts your on-the-job injury may cause. This may be possible if you suffer severe bodily harm when working in the industries discussed below.

6 December 2022

Wrist Injuries Suffered In A Truck Collision And The Measures To Take When Pursuing Compensation


Drivers who collide with big rigs may suffer different types of wrist injuries, after which some might put off medical care, assuming they will feel better after some time. Unfortunately, this costly mistake can compromise your health and ability to recover favorable compensation for your losses. Some severe complications of this condition include loss of mobility and inability to use the wrist. These problems may be more likely if you suffer the following injuries.

12 October 2022

Pedestrian Accidents And How To Pursue Compensation With The Help Of A Lawyer


Walking on the streets and roads used by automobiles is generally risky. That's because some motorists don't pay attention to traffic regulations, exposing pedestrians to accidents. Without physical barriers, one can sustain serious bodily harm when hit by a vehicle. When that happens, pursuing compensation to cover your treatment costs is essential. A consultation with a personal injury lawyer can help jumpstart this legal process. They will help you understand various aspects of such cases, including the following.

15 August 2022

The Importance Of Legal Representation After A Construction Site Injury


The equipment and materials used by workers in the construction industry pose many hazards. Therefore, it is essential to know what to do to keep yourself and others safe when working on a construction site. In addition, if you sustain injuries, there are critical legal steps you need to take to enable you to get justice. One of the most important steps is to contact a construction-site injury attorney immediately after the accident.

9 June 2022

When a Fast Food Experience Is Far from Tasty


Accidents can happen almost anywhere, and drive-thru lanes are no exception. This sort of accident may require some unique moves since they may be on private property. Read on to find out more. It's the Restaurant's Fault Most drive-thru areas are safe, but hazards can still exist for drivers. One issue is poor lighting. Some restaurants may have had bright lighting when they first opened but now have bulbs that need replacing.

11 April 2022

How To Recover Damages For A Spinal Injury After A Truck Driver Gets Too Close


Commercial truck drivers are expected to drive in a reasonable and safe manner. Unfortunately, some drivers do not keep a safe distance from motorists and you may find yourself in a catastrophic accident that leaves you paralyzed. This type of situation can be overwhelming and impossible to handle without the help of a semi-truck accident attorney. Maintain a Safe Distance from Commercial Trucks When you are sharing the road with a semi-truck, you will want to provide the vehicle with plenty of space.

14 February 2022

Personal Injury Law: How To Land Yourself A Better Settlement


After going through a recovery period following an accident, your next step should be finding a competent personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation. A proficient lawyer will guide you through the lengthy and complex claim process with the insurer.  In addition, they will engage in helpful negotiations with the insurance adjusters to shield you from getting a low compensation. So how can you ensure that you get the best possible settlement offer?

1 December 2021

Understanding No-Fault Accident Claims


If you have been injured in a car accident, the way your state handles insurance claims can affect the outcome. Those living in no-fault insurance states may face a confusing situation after a wreck. If this is the case, read on for some simple explanations of what to expect as you cope with your accident situation. The Meaning of the Term No-Fault One confusing aspect of this term is that many think it means neither party is at fault for the accident.

20 September 2021

When Should You Lawyer up in a Workers Compensation Claim?


Not every case of worker compensation requires attorney services. Essentially, the administrative system for employee compensation is designed to be an easy process for workers. If your claim isn't challenged by your employer or the insurer, you can try to handle your claim on your own. However, the process could become more complex, which will require you to hire a workers' compensation lawyer. Here are some instances where it may be best to get a workers' compensation attorney.

7 July 2021

You Don't Say? How What You Don't Say Matters to Your Accident Case


After a car accident, you might be so stressed out and upset that you can barely remember what you said to anyone. Unfortunately, what you say and what you keep to yourself can be surprisingly important to your accident case. To find out why that is, read on and find out about a few common post-accident situations that can have victims speaking out of turn. Know What Happened at the Scene

15 June 2021