Got Into A Motorcycle Accident? 4 Immediate Actions To Take To Strengthen Your Case


If you get into an accident as a motorcycle rider and think the other party was at fault, you will want to take steps to strengthen any personal injury claim you make down the road. As a motorcycle rider, it is essential to know these tips so you can utilize them later on.

1. Get Medical Treatment

First, get medical treatment right after your accident. Motorcycle accidents often result in some pretty severe injuries, so don't try to be tough and make your way through whatever is causing you pain. Instead, you need to either take an ambulance to the hospital or get someone to personally drive you to the hospital and get the treatment that day. Be sure to describe everything you feel to the doctor, and allow them to look you over, as your adrenaline may be protecting you from the pain you are feeling.

2. Keep Getting Medical Treatment

Second, don't stop after you first get looked over. Be sure to follow all the directions the doctor gives you and get all the appropriate follow-up treatments you are supposed to get. It is important to show during a lawsuit that you got all the medical care necessary to help you recover from your injuries.

3. Always Call the Police

Third, when you are involved in an accident, it is essential always to call the police. For one, the police can verify both your identity and the other's driver's identity and insurance. Second, having the police show up at the accident scene helps to create a paper trail of what happened. Additionally, the police may issue citations that are important to your overall case. Plus, in many states, it is against the law to leave the scene of an accident without calling it in to the authorities.

4. Don't Fix Up the Bike

Fourth, after an accident, it is essential not to fix up your bike. Your bike is a very important piece of evidence. As such, fixing it up will compromise this important piece of evidence. Instead, you want an accident reconstruction expert to personally inspect the bike, as this will help them determine the nature of the accident and the severity of the accident. If possible, don't fix your bike up until it has been examined and properly documented for your personal injury case.

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident, get medical help right away and get the appropriate follow-up care. Always call the police and have them respond to the accident. Finally, don't fix up your bike until it has been used as evidence in your case. Doing these four things and retaining a motorcycle accident attorney can greatly help strengthen your case. For more information, contact a firm like Frank Penney Injury Lawyers.


1 June 2021

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