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How to Properly Set Up the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

In the world of cinema cameras, few offer the same bang for their buck as Blackmagic Designs’ systems. Sure, the Sony F55 is a fantastic camera and the pros like ARRI offer some of the most technically innovative platforms available but not everyone has a spare $40,000 laying around. Blackmagic has been able to corner…
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Three Must-Have Lenses for the BMPCC 4K

Even though you may claim to have the best camera body money can buy, odds are your investment would be useless without combining it with the perfect lens. Therefore, if you plan to take advantage of the Pocket 4K’s amazing image sensor, you’ll need to pair the camera with a decent piece of glass to…
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Why to Choose 4K DCI Over UHD on the BMPCC 4K Camera?

Blackmagic’s latest offering, the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K, has been garnering massive attention throughout 2018 that started right after its official announcement back at NAB in April. Now that the camera is already in the hands of early adopters, many users are still discovering new tricks, techniques, and flows referring to the workflow, shooting experience, and…
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BMPCC 4K vs. iPhone 8 Plus – Can You Guess Which is Which?

With every new iteration, smartphone cameras continue to evolve by leaps and bounds in terms of image quality. In fact, cameras found on devices like the iPhone have become good enough to be used as a proper b-roll camera, or even a main camera on set. Despite the advancements in smartphone camera technology, however, many…
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How Good is the BMPCC 4K When it Comes to Recovering from Overexposure

Even though the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K made a huge splash in the independent filmmaking community, some folks are a bit skeptical as to how well this camera performs, particularly when it comes to recovering from overexposure. To sort things out, Carl Yates of ProAV TV decided to put the camera through its paces…
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