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Six Reasons Why Your GH5 is Still a Viable Option in 2018

I guess it’s safe to say that this year has been a wild rollercoaster ride for the prosumer video camera market. In fact, 2018 saw many different manufacturers hopping on the mirrorless camera bandwagon. From front-runners like Sony and Panasonic to underdogs like Fujifilm, Canon and even Nikon who have also joined the party in…
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GHAlex LUT Aims to Make Your GH5/GH5s Look Like an ARRI ALEXA

While the Panasonic GH5 is touted as one of the most popular mirrorless cameras on the market these days, there is one struggle GH5/GH5s video shooters tend to encounter – how to make their footage look more cinematic. In this case, this expression would refer to producing visual aesthetics with more balanced colors, higher dynamic…
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