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DJI Releases Official DJI Ronin-S Accessories

As a DJI Ronin-S owner I’ve been patiently waiting for the release of the official Ronin-S accessories, and DJI has delivered by introducing nine new accessories (with pricing) designed for their first single grip gimbal. The nine official DJI branded accessories for the Ronin-S range from a brand new external focus motor to pull focus…
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Do You Really Need a 4th Axis Rig for Your Single-Handed Gimbal?

The use of gimbal stabilizers in filmmaking has grown exponentially in recent years. By stabilizing your camera on three axes (roll, pitch, and yaw), these devices have revolutionized the way one operates a camera by making it easier than ever to attain smooth cinematic footage on the fly. However, with the lack of fourth axis…
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