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Canon C300 Mark II, Available Now with the C200 Touchscreen

Have you ever wanted to buy a Canon C300 II, but lusted over the touch screen focus ability that the Canon C200 offers? Well, now Canon is officially making the C300 II Touch Focus Kit available, which includes the same Canon C300 Mark II as we all know (sorry no internal Canon Raw Light here),…
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Could the EOS R Be the Perfect C200 B-Cam?

It’s undeniable fact that Canon has revolutionized the independent filmmaking industry forever with the introduction of the Canon 5D Mark II back in 2008. Over the last decade, the company continued its quest to redefining the limitations of camera technologies, thus helping creative professionals better tell their stories. With their very first full-frame mirrorless camera,…
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Cine Lock Quick Release Mount for the Canon C200

Camera cages are undoubtedly one of the most convenient filmmaking accessories used in production as these allow you to mount different accessories to your camera from monitors and lights to audio equipment, SSD sleds, additional batteries and everything in between. As useful as your camera cage may be, any camera operator or assistant would agree…
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