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Tentacle Sync E Bluetooth Timecode Generator for Mirrorless/DSLRs

Hybrid mirrorless cameras have been evolving rapidly over the past two years to a point where they’ve eclipsed more traditional DSLRs for professional video use; they are practically everywhere. Every professional cameraman or camerawoman are expected at any given time to “whip out” out of their camera bags the proverbial “A7s” as producers like to…
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How Does the Sony A6500 Stack Up Against the Sony A7III?

Of all the mirrorless cameras currently available as a part of the highly esteemed Sony’s Alpha series lineup, the A6500 and the A7III are without a doubt two of the most talked-about pieces of gear this year. Even though both counterparts strike the perfect balance between price and image quality, they differ in terms of…
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GTX 2080 8-Core PC vs iMac Pro for Video Editing in Premiere Pro CC

Picking the right editing workstation typically starts with one difficult decision – which platform should you opt for: Mac or PC. On the one hand, Apple’s iMac Pro has been increasingly popular amongst creative professionals lately with its blazing-fast processors enclosed in a stunning 5K screen and sleek chassis. Conversely, PC users have been attracted…
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Zhiyun Weebill Gimbal Price Revealed and You Can Now Pre-Order

The compact, 3-axis single gimbal segment of our industry has become extremely competitive in the last two years with established manufacturers such as DJI joining the battle for our hard earned cash (they already got mine) with their Ronin-S, giving companies like Zhiyun Tech, who’ve been doing single grip gimbals for some time a run…
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Shot on RED: First 8K Video from Space

NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) just released the first 8K footage from space, shot on RED. Whether you are a resolution junkie, or a space nerd, or even a future astronauts and/or scientist, you marvel at the awesome 8K footage from  the ISS, bringing life in space to your living room in unrelenting detail,…
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Blackmagic RAW (BRAW) vs. CinemaDNG Side-by-Side Comparison

Back in September, Blackmagic announced their proprietary Raw codec Blackmagic RAW. The format was designed to provide users with the flexibility and quality expected of RAW recording, all while reducing file sizes and lowering the negative impact on the overall performance of video editing workstations in a real-world environment. Now, let’s find out how does…
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How to Properly Expose Cine4 on Your Sony Camera

The concept of proper exposure may sound simple in theory, but at the same time, it could be pretty challenging to execute in a real-world situation. Newbie filmmakers often have issues finding the proper workflow to expose their cameras correctly not to mention the occasions when they need to deal with a more advanced log-like…
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Zoom Q2n-4K is a new Handy 4K Video Recorder for Musicians

Zoom have been a popular maker for handy audio recorders not just for indie filmmakers and content creators, but also for a huge number of musicians and podcasters. In the past year or so, Zoom have been also adding and upgrading the video functionality on their audio recorders and are now unleashing their latest video…
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Five Neat Color Grading Tricks in Premiere Pro CC 2019

Along with the official launch of Premiere Rush CC two weeks ago, Adobe also released a significant update referring to all Creative Cloud applications, including the full-fledged Premiere Pro CC. Other than improved platform stability and the plethora of all-new video and audio editing features, Adobe has overhauled the Lumetri Color Panel by including a new set…
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