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See Mini-Doc Winner of Panasonic EVA1 “Share Your Vision” Contest

“Sage” is the winner of the Panasonic EVA1 “Share Your Vision” short film contest for non-fiction, directed and shot by filmmaker Gabe Dinsmoor. Shot with the Panasonic EVA1, “Sage” is a tells the story of Errika Bridgeford, an activist who founded the Ceasefire Movement, which organizes ceasefire weekends to stop street violence in Baltimore, Maryland.…
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AngelBird MATCH PACK for the BMPCC 4K includes an SSD + Cfast Card

Austria-based Angelbird Technologies, that many of you are familiar with thanks to their fast and tiny SSDs, have been creating exciting recording media solutions for indie filmmakers for some time now. Recently, AngelBird announced a dedicated Match Pack for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K designed to give BMPCC 4K users some peace of mind…
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Five Reasons to Consider the Canon C300 II for Your Next Project

Canon’s professional cinema cameras have become some of the most esteemed in the film industry in recent years, thanks to their ingenious robust design, amazing image quality, and powerful codec options. Of all the offerings in the EOS lineup, however, the C300 MKII somehow stands out above its siblings. Even though it’s not the cheapest…
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Leica D-Lux 7 is a Compact 4K Camera You May Have Seen Before…

Just in time for the Christmas/Holiday shopping season, Leica have announced the Leica D-Lux 7 – a premium, compact camera with a 17 Megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor and 4K video. The timing of this release is no coincidence, course, as the D-Lux 7 appears to identical in terms of specs to the Panasonic LX100…
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X-T3 vs A7III vs EOS R vs Z7 vs BMPCC 4K – Video Quality Comparison

As 2018 begins to wind down to a close, it’s interesting to look back at some of the breakthroughs and innovations that were made in the realm of camera technologies throughout the year. All in all, each major camera manufacturer in the field has rolled out a new mirrorless camera that deserves consideration or at…
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Zoom Q2n-4K is a new Handy 4K Video Recorder for Musicians

Zoom have been a popular maker for handy audio recorders not just for indie filmmakers and content creators, but also for a huge number of musicians and podcasters. In the past year or so, Zoom have been also adding and upgrading the video functionality on their audio recorders and are now unleashing their latest video…
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Canon EOS R vs Sony A7III for Shooting Video

There’s no surprise that Sony continues to receive a tremendous amount of praise with their filmmaker-oriented A7III. With the release of Canon’s very first full-frame mirrorless camera the EOS R, however, many content creators are now pondering which one of the two rivals would suit their creative workflow better. To answer this question, Dave Altizer from…
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