Take These Actions Following An Accident With A Truck


Getting into an accident with a semi, a tractor trailer, or any other kind of large vehicle can cause significant damage to your own car and may also result in serious injury. If you find yourself facing the aftermath of a situation like this, you will need to try and clear your head and then take the appropriate actions not just to take care of the immediate situation but also to protect your legal rights. Here are some tips for what to do in the immediate aftermath of an accident with a large truck or vehicle.

Get Medical Assistance First

If you or any other party at the scene of the accident needs medical attention, this is your top priority. You can try to be aware of your surroundings and note where the accident occurred or any other information that seems important but don't delay medical care in favor of gathering evidence. In fact, delaying medical care might be used by the other party as proof that you were not seriously injured if you should try to use your injuries as part of a lawsuit in the weeks or months to come.

Get a Police Report

You know what happened in this situation but the other party is likely going to have their version of events as well. A police officer's opinion may carry more weight with a court or jury and that's why you should move to get a police report filed on the accident even if it's not a severe situation. A police report can also make sure the other party doesn't try to change their story later on.

Gather Insurance and Other Information

You should collect the insurance information of the truck driver, although you will need much more than that. Look on the truck for any additional information like the name of the company or a phone number and make note of this. Get the license plate number and take photos of the accident scene, noting any damage done to your vehicle or to nearby property.

Contact an Attorney

For best results, you should look into hiring a truck accident lawyer sooner rather than later. An attorney can speak to the insurance providers involved with the accident and can also help you gather evidence, especially if you are currently receiving medical care and can't return to the scene of the accident anytime soon. Contact a local truck accident lawyer today to get started.


10 March 2023

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