Taking Your Case To Court By Hiring A Skilled Truck Accident Attorney


Commercial over-the-road (OTR) drivers can put everyday motorists in jeopardy. These large and heavy trucks can cut drivers off in traffic. They can also cause collisions because of poor blind spots and not being able to see what is beside or behind them.

When you have been involved in a wreck with one of these OTR drivers, you have legal options available to you. You can file a civil case and take it to court to hold the driver accountable by hiring a truck accident attorney to represent you.

Suing for Monetary Damages

When you retain a truck accident attorney, you can sue for monetary damages that you incurred in the wreck. The collision with the OTR driver may have left your vehicle with significant damage. It also may have left you severely injured and unable to go back to work right away.

Instead of billing the costs of your medical treatment to your health or car insurer, you can instead have your truck accident attorney file a civil suit against the truck driver and their employer or contractor. The lawsuit will pursue compensation for your civil damages, including repair and medical bills and lost income.

Suing for Punitive Damages

The personal injury laws in your state may also allow you to sue the driver and their employer or contractor for punitive damages. The wreck may have left you with significant post-traumatic distress disorder. You may suffer from panic attacks and anxiety because of the fright and trauma that you experienced during the wreck.

These punitive damages may have a price according to the laws in your state. Your truck accident attorney can follow the laws to valuate your punitive damages and include them in the lawsuit that they file. You can recover payments that compensate you for the emotional, mental, and physical distress that you experienced after the accident.

Finally, your truck accident attorney can vet any settlements that the driver, the company for which they drive, or the insurer wants to offer to you. They can make sure that the offer compensates you fairly for what you can legally pursue in a lawsuit.

A truck accident attorney can provide important benefits to wreck victims. They can file a lawsuit to recover civil and punitive damages in court. Your attorney can also vet settlement offers on your behalf.

If you have questions about your case, contact a local truck accident attorney.


16 March 2021

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