Is Your Pet Covered In An Auto Accident?


When some people think about injuries following an auto accident, they typically think about injuries to the driver or other passengers. However, as you know all too well, pet injuries can also occur when a furry family member is in the vehicle at the time of the crash. If your pet was injured during an accident, learn how you can move forward to ensure your animal is well taken care of.

The Property Umbrella

Yes, you look at your pet as a family member. However, in the eyes of the law, your pet is considered property. In the event of an accident, an accident victim can be compensated for any loss of property they experience as a result of the collision. Whether your pet is mildly injured or suffers fatal injuries, under a property claim, you can ensure your pet is taken care of.

Medical Treatment

One of the specific types of compensation you can seek for pet injuries is compensation for medical treatment. For example, if your pet needs long-term medical care, surgery, medication, or any other medical intervention, you can file a claim with the insurance company to help cover these costs so that you are not left to pay out of pocket. Once you have a complete list of medical expenses, an attorney can help you file this claim.

Emotional Distress

Again, your pet is not just a piece of property; your pet is an extension of your family. For this reason, when your pet is hurt, the amount of pain, anguish, and concern you feel is significant. Since you did not cause the accident, you deserve to be compensated for this emotional distress. However, it is important to note, success with this type of claim generally must meet a specific threshold when it comes to the level and type of injuries sustained by your pet.

Special Circumstances

There are also special circumstances that can affect pet injury claims. One of these special circumstances is service animals. When a person has a service animal, they rely on these animals for a large portion of their day-to-day care. As a result, if the pet is injured, the victim generally has the right to sue for the loss of this care, the loss of the animal, as well as for costs associated with replacing and training a new service animal if necessary.

If your pet was injured, remember, you do have legal options. Speak with an auto attorney so that you can learn more about the legal options you have. 


5 November 2020

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