3 Ways A Personal Injury Attorney Helps You Sidestep Insurance Tactics


Being in an accident can upend your life. You've got medical bills to pay, treatment to endure and damaged property to replace. During this time, being contacted by the responsible party's insurance company may seem lucky. After all, you have bills to pay, and the insurer seems to be offering help.

In reality, the insurance company is only interested in settling your claim quickly and for the least amount of money possible. What is best for you is not best for them, which is why you'll need to rely on your personal injury lawyer to sidestep the tactics they will use to protect their own interests.

You Can't Be Lowballed

Many insurance companies present claimants with low offers to entice them to settle and end the claim. Their hope is that the claimant will not realize how much compensation they will actually need to recover post-accident and will simply take what is first offered.     

Your personal injury lawyer will examine your case and let you know what the fair and reasonable compensation really is so you don't accept a lowball offer. They will also negotiate the settlement with the insurance company for you so you can work on your recovery instead.

You Won't Accidentally Give Damaging Statements

You don't have to immediately give a recorded statement to an insurance company, even if you are being told otherwise by the insurer. Insurance companies will often call a claimant right after an accident and demand a recorded statement. They are hoping that you will say something which can be used to damage or discredit your claim.

A personal injury attorney will handle the insurance company interactions so you are not misled into giving a damaging statement. If you do have to give a recorded statement, you will do so with your attorney at your side, and they will protect your rights throughout.

You Won't Have to Suffer Delays

Insurance companies are subject to deadlines involving claim actions by state law. Unfortunately, some insurance companies go right down to the last minute on these deadlines to frustrate claimants. The idea is that if the claimant constantly has to wait, they will either drop the claim or become more receptive to a lowball offer.

An experienced personal injury attorney will monitor your claim the entire time. Should the insurance company seem to intentionally delay your claim or miss deadlines, your attorney will take the appropriate actions on your behalf.

An insurance company is not likely going to have your best interests at heart when it comes to your personal injury claim. Work with personal injury law offices to protect your rights to fair compensation.  

To learn more, contact a personal injury attorney.


21 September 2020

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