3 Types Of Damages You Can Claim In A Nursing Home Neglect Case


If you have a loved one who you think was neglected while they were in a nursing home, you are going to want to move your loved one to a safe environment. After that, you are going to want to contact a personal injury attorney and pursue a case against the facility that neglected your loved one.

When you pursue a legal case, part of the point of the case is to force the facility to make changes, and the other point of the case is to pursue financial compensation. When pursuing financial compensation, you have to have specific damage that you are asking for compensation for.

Damage Type #1: Physical Suffering

First, you can pursue compensation for physical suffering for your loved one. When one is neglected in a nursing home, your loved one can suffer physically. For example, if your loved one's hygiene needs were not taken care of, they could develop bedsores, blisters, and boils.

Your loved one could have suffered from other physical issues related to their neglect. Your loved one's health could have been put in a compromising position due to neglect. You can ask for damages for the physical suffering that your loved one went through.

Damage Type #2: Mental Suffering

Second, when someone is in nursing care, they are dependent on others for their care. When they are not being taken care of, it is easy to suffer not just physical consequences, but mental consequences as well.

For example, your loved one could suffer from anxiety or depression due to the neglect that they experienced. Your loved one could also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder as well. You can sue to get compensation for the mental suffering that your loved one when through as they dealt with neglect.

It can be hard to prove mental suffering. You can have your loved one evaluated by a licensed psychiatrist to help prove mental suffering. If your loved one kept a journal where they wrote about their feelings, this could also be used as evidence for damages. 

Damage Type #3: Financial Loss

Third, you can sue for financial loss for your loved one. If your loved one required extra medical care because of the neglect that they went through, If your loved one incurred medical bills or anything else because of what they went through at the nursing homes, you can also claim damages for financial loss as well. To establish a damage claim for financial loss, you are going to want to collect all their bills so you can really show the damage that the neglect had to their personal wealth. 

When it comes to suing for nursing home neglect, the three most common areas that you can ask for financial compensation for are physical suffering, mental suffering, and financial loss for your loved one. You are going to want to talk to your personal injury attorney about everything you can claim damages for as you work through your nursing home neglect case on behalf of your loved one.

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21 August 2020

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