Here's What To Do After Being Pulled Over For A DUI


A police officer will usually pull over a drunk driver because the officer suspects that the drunk driver is under the influence. For example, you might have been weaving or drifting, braking erratically, stopping inappropriately, or turning illegally. When you are pulled over, there are several steps you can take to improve your situation.

You May Need a Drunk Driving Attorney

If the police officer decides that you're not drunk and lets you go, you won't need an attorney. However, if you are arrested under suspicion of a DUI, your drunk driving attorney will assist you in having the best possible outcome for your case. Even if you cannot have your charges dropped, the attorney may be able to assist you in reducing your charges.

The Police Pull Over Sober Drivers for DUI All the Time

If you are pulled over, make sure to not panic. The police officer will ask for your driver's license and may also ask for your registration and proof of insurance. As you are looking for these documents, the officer will look for evidence that you are impaired. 

Saying that you only had one or two drinks will not help your case. This is a common statement made by those who have had a much larger number of drinks. Even when trying to be honest, many drivers end up under-reporting how much alcohol they have consumed.

You Don't Have to Take an In-Field Sobriety Test

Officers will often require that drivers take an in-field sobriety test. However, this is not required in any state. Officers are allowed to lie to you and insist that you must take the test. However, if the officer orders that you exit the vehicle to perform a field sobriety test, this is a lawful order. The officer can order you to perform a field sobriety test, but you can refuse the test after you have exited the vehicle.

A Drunk Driving Attorney Can Help You Even If You Take the Test

Drunk driving attorneys are experienced with all sorts of situations where officers improperly perform tests. Many tests are highly subjective and breathalyzer and blood alcohol tests all have flaws that can lead to false positives. If you successfully challenge the methods used to determine if you were under the influence, you may be able to have your charges dropped. All criminal charges must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

For further details, reach out to a drunk driving attorney near you.


28 July 2020

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