Can A Police Officer Be Liable For Auto Accident Damages?


Police officers are sometimes involved in high-speed pursuits where they may collide with another motorist. In some cases, a police officer may simply make a mistake while patrolling an area and get into an accident like anyone else. When this happens, you may have a damaged car that needs repairs and expensive medical bills. You may be entitled to compensation.

Do Not Admit Fault

The police only have partial immunity in some circumstances after an accident and you may be able to sue the police officer or the department. To ensure your case stays preserved, never admit you were at fault.

Contact an Auto Accident Attorney Promptly

A car accident case involving a police officer is something you should never handle alone. You are always better off working with an auto accident attorney because these cases are handled differently. Police departments usually carry auto insurance that covers the officers and the department for when they must compensate other motorists for injuries caused by the squad car. The claims process is different and may take longer than with a private insurance provider. 

Immunity Varies from State to State

Another complication is that some states have given police departments immunity from lawsuits and you will only be able to sue under certain personal injury cases where you will be provided a waiver.

You Must Prove Negligence

Proving a driver responsible for the accident is much higher in the case of any government worker. During an emergency, government workers are given a greater amount of freedom to respond to the emergency.

You May Need to File an Administrative Claim

Rather than contact the insurance provider or police department directly, you will likely need to file an administrative claim to the city, state, county, or federal government. You will also be given a limited time in which to do this. You may simply be able to fill out a claims form and enter a dollar amount to receive a settlement. However, your administrative claim might be denied.

You May Sue in Court

If your claim is denied, you don't have to give up. Another option is to sue the government in court. You will receive a letter that will inform you of how much time you have to file a lawsuit. When taking this route, make sure to contact an auto accident attorney to help you.

There are many situations where you would need an auto accident attorney. To learn more about the services they provide, contact professionals in your area.


8 May 2020

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