You Can Be Compensated For Road Rash


When a negligent driver slams into a motorcyclist and sends him or her sliding across the ground, road rash is often an injury they're faced with. Given its commonality, road rash is sometimes considered a minor injury, but road rash can be incredibly painful and lead to long-term concerns. Consequently, if you experienced road rash as a result of an accident, you can seek compensation.

Accurate Diagnosis Is Important

It's vital you obtain an accurate diagnosis, as this condition affects accident victims to different degrees. The level of road rash you experience will influence the amount of compensation you are entitled to, as it determines the level of care you need and the longevity of the condition. 

At the lowest level is first-degree road rash. This type of injury only impacts the skin's outermost layer, causes minimal discomfort, and typically heals on its own. Second-degree road rash penetrates the outermost layer of the skin and—depending on the location of the rash—can cause mobility concerns, as considerable swelling and pain are common. People within this group can also expect long-term scarring. 

The most intense form is third-degree road rash. This type of injury affects multiple skin layers and often results in skin loss and permanent scaring. The pain with this injury is extreme and often requires surgical intervention; as a result, the road to recovery is much longer. 

Compensatable Expenses

Given the complexity of this type of injury, motorcycle accident victims typically have several forms of compensatable expenses they can seek depending on their injury; here are some of them.

Medical Treatment

Whether you suffer from first-, second-, or third-degree burns, you can seek compensation for the full cost of the medical treatment you need to treat the injury, including the initial diagnosis, surgery, and follow-up care.

Lost Wages

If your injuries cause a level of discomfort that prevents you from working or limits your ability to work as you normally would, you can seek compensation for any wages that you lost as a result. Keep in mind that the amount of money you can seek in this instance is generally based on your previous earning history.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is another option for road rash injuries, but it is important to note that this form of compensation is generally geared toward more severe injuries, such as third-degree road rash. This compensation is intended to provide relief for the discomfort, permanent scarring, and suffering that come along with such a severe injury. 

Speak with a motorcycle lawyer to further discuss your options for compensation.


19 March 2020

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